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Ship small illustrated stories on CD then website

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To go on with improving the cultural education role of DDL, we can ship with DDL PDF files of classical short stories that would be illustrated. Then we could start to host these files on our website when we have a significant number of stories that are too many ones for the CD.

For example we can transcribe some classical fables of La Fontaine or some classical children stories (tales). Of course the most difficult task is not to type the text but to illustrate it. Maybe we could reuse our characters in these illustrations if they do not look too much strange to the story. They may also be disguised to get a funny result! We'd also better try to find universal stories that are counted in many countries (although bringing very local stories is a way to open minds too ;) ).

We should certainly create a ticket for each story once we have decided what to include.

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Task #539: Add fables of La FontaineIn ProgressJean-Michel Philippe03/28/201211/30/2012


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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe about 13 years ago

We can also use stories from various mythologies. It would be nice to rewrite a short version of some of these stories using a literacy language, but we can also provide different versions with different language difficulties depending on the child skills. This means that the writing task is not so easy indeed!

An even more ambitious work could be to draw short comics of these stories. Having some comics potentially written using a literacy language is certainly a good idea since it's quite uncommon (comics are usually badly written).

Maybe we should create a new idea ticket for these comics.

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