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09:42 PM DoudouLinux CD Feature #454 (In Progress): Internationalisation of Supertux
Supertux have few strings but only in english. We have to get the possibility to localise them.
Thanks !
Elisa de Castro Guerra


10:28 AM Documentation Task #64: Update website with Redmine as a replacement for Gna
Done in french, spanish and chinese. Elisa de Castro Guerra


10:14 AM Documentation Task #252 (In Progress): Write news about languages being started
Translation done in Roumanian => thanks Marian.
Ready to be published.
Elisa de Castro Guerra
12:16 AM Documentation Task #252: Write news about languages being started
Done in french.
Translated into bad english and bad spanish.
Annonce to the ML to make a call for proofread and t...
Elisa de Castro Guerra
12:15 AM Documentation Task #252 (Closed): Write news about languages being started
Write news to announce the beginning of translation into Danish, Hungarian and Portuguese.
In French, English and ...
Elisa de Castro Guerra


10:39 PM DoudouLinux CD Feature #67: Have launch icons in Epiphany's homepage
Je propose une page plus sobre. Proposant les liens en cercle (comme le live cd le fera). Chaque box sera de couleur ... Elisa de Castro Guerra
09:59 PM New applications Task #83: Enlist TBO author
The author, Dani, send us this link to test TBO with our new DDL.
Elisa de Castro Guerra
01:40 PM DoudouLinux CD Feature #212: hello ;-) at start screen
As we discuss on the canal irc with Jmp. Here the three fonts in contest !
See image below.
Elisa de Castro Guerra


05:32 PM Documentation Feature #32: Manual DoudouLinux
Here the link of hour futur manual : Elisa de Castro Guerra
05:28 PM Documentation Task #33 (Closed): Ask Richard helping on the toc of the manual
Elisa de Castro Guerra

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