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06:43 AM Migration to Squeeze Bug #600 (New): khangman default language and words set are English
I checked it at Russian img version, whole DDL actiity Sergey Komkov


06:32 AM Migration to Squeeze Bug #598: no midi output detected
VMPK works fine at mini DDL (doudoulinux-2012-10-28-ru.img build) Sergey Komkov


07:23 AM Migration to Squeeze Bug #536: TuxPaint unexpected shutdown
laptop not detected
activating numlock
Requested buffer size 128, fragment size 64
ALSA pcm 'default' set buffer s...
Sergey Komkov


10:22 AM Migration to Squeeze Bug #598 (New): no midi output detected
problem affects VMPK and piano booster though the same PC plays midi files using Windows Sergey Komkov
10:12 AM Migration to Squeeze Bug #597 (New): kAnagram - variable font size at hint
Size varies from large to very small (unreadable) - one game it's large and another game very small and so on Sergey Komkov
10:10 AM Migration to Squeeze Task #345: Localization of some apps to Russian needed
As for KTuberling I mean English sounds not captions Sergey Komkov
10:08 AM Migration to Squeeze Task #345: Localization of some apps to Russian needed
No Russian translation at KTuberling, kLettres, Tanglet and GoldenDict at latest dailybuild Sergey Komkov


10:23 AM DoudouLinux CD Bug #595 (New): DoudouLinux Help cannot be launched
Reason: viewer cannot locate the document required Sergey Komkov
09:59 AM DoudouLinux CD Bug #594 (New): Goldendict does not contain Ru dictionary
Sergey Komkov
09:57 AM DoudouLinux CD Bug #593 (New): Ktuberling is crashed during launch
Sergey Komkov

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