Wiki translation portal

Our translation portal Transifex is only handling PO/TS translation files. It can be extended (Python code) but it is basically designed to deal with:

  • text files
  • one file with translations for the same language

We have a kind of files to translate that are not covered by Transifex: audio files. So we need to code some Php/mySQL translation portal for these files to ease the work of translators. Detailed features have to be discussed on the mailing list. Basically we need to:

  • authenticate users (preferably using the Spip or Transifex user's account)
  • be able to define reference languages (English and French)
  • import/export files (download/upload)
  • show translation status
  • add new languages (admin rights?) or get them from Transifex

As this is quite a lot of work, we need to build a real project for this portal!