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Background images in LxLauncher

Added by Jean-Michel Philippe over 12 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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11/30/2012 (over 11 years late)
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LxLauncher is missing background images. As far as I know, the feature is commented in the source code. We need to experiment around this in order to determine what's wrong with that code and whether it can be used as is or should be modified.


lxlauncher-enhanced.png (126 KB) lxlauncher-enhanced.png Jean-Michel Philippe, 03/25/2012 09:57 PM
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The commented source code of Lxlauncher has been used to patch it, see the screenshot taken on a 1024×800 netbook. We can now define a background image common to all tabs by just placing the image in /etc/xdg/lxlauncher/background.png. Using the user's directory $HOME/.config/lxlauncher/background.png should be possible too. If no image is found, Lxlauncher falls back to a single color for the background.

Note that the image is tiled on the whole screen, meaning we have either to provide an image larger than any screen (may be difficult), or take into account the horizontal periodicity while designing the image.

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We now need a nice drawing for this background image, that fits next version graphic theme and takes into account the fact it is repeated both vertically and horizontally on screen (tiling), starting from the lower left corner.

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