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  • Digital contents

    This project is all about digital contents and artistic work: system sounds, music composition, score writing, text writing, illustrations, etc.

  • Documentation

    Management of the DoudouLinux documentation: online website pages and offline PDF and so.

  • DoudouLinux apps

    Any application that is already included in DoudouLinux.

  • DoudouLinux CD

    This is our computer system dedicated to children and based on Debian Linux. It does not include DoudouLinux specific applications nor the graphic design.

    • Accessibility

      One main concern of our project is to make computers as easy to use as possible for children, which means indeed improving computer accessibility.

    • Migration to ARM

      In a near future we would like to have DoudouLinux run on ARM platforms since these devices are more and more used and much cheaper than x86 based platforms. We are now supported by Genesi with donated hardware and probably more to come :). This project is all about that!...

    • Migration to Squeeze

      Build DoudouLinux upon the latest stable release of Debian Linux: Squeeze.

    • New applications

      Identify, test, develop, package or define new applications that would be worth adding to the DoudouLinux CD. The latest release of applications that are already in DoudouLinux can also be considered since Debian rarely has the latest version. In this case however, special attention to application maintenance is required....

  • Graphic design

    The graphic design work of DoudouLinux: website, CD, communication supports, story board, etc.

  • Infrastructure

    Tasks and issues related to the project infrastructure: servers, online services, web scripts, etc.

    • Translation portal

      A translation portal for sound files, which Transifex cannot handle.

    • Website

      Technical side of management, maintenance and development of our website: software and custom scripts.

  • Project development

    Development and growth of our project: new ideas, new services, organization, contacts, communication, etc.

    • Debian

      Joining our efforts to the Debian community, let them know us, etc.

    • Contests

      Participate into contests such as Google SoC or Google Code-in to get more people involved in our project, or any other type of contest to make DoudouLinux known and well-know.

    • The DoudouLinux association

      Management of our association aimed at promoting and supporting the DoudouLinux free software project.

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