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Feature #208: Better use of i18n tool features

Script to report the PO file translation status

Added by Jean-Michel Philippe about 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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The tool intltool-update has a special option to compile translation status of PO files:

Display a status report for all translations in the software.”

We can then build a script to gather all these information and write a data file. Later we'll be able to show the status in our web pages.

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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe almost 13 years ago

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After looking at the Perl source code, the command intltool-update cannot work out of a real source code directory, because it relies on standard source code files to find the project name. As we have directories dedicated to translations in lang/, we had to use the base function msgfmt in a wrapper script.

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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe almost 13 years ago

Note that this tool is necessary to be sure that fetching new translations from the Internet will not remove the existing translations. Redirecting its output to text files, it is possible to see the effect of PO file merging with a standard diff tool.

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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe almost 13 years ago

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Finally I also integrated language status computing to our Transifex wrapper script. We now have a fully automated interface to Transifex that is even able to do svn add on new language files :). It now operates directly in the lang/ tree since we are sure to not introduce updates that are just changes in META data.

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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe over 12 years ago

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