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A better translation status page for Spip articles

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07/31/2011 (over 12 years late)
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Currently the page which displays the translation status of each Spip article is:

Unfortunately this is a JavaScript'ed page on which you have to click to get the status information of each section or sub-section. You also have to choose which languages are to be compared. So finally this is not so useful:

  • operations are still manual
  • you can't have a global translation status
  • the color code is not so obvious to understand

On the official Spip website they're using a special page:

The figures showed are not much understandable. However it has the advantage to show all translations in a single table. The table itself is built by a dedicated Php script:

This script is not part of the official Spip release.

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The table is not showing the article status indeed! It is the Spip skeletons messages. We need to write Php code derived from

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Updated by Jean-Michel Philippe over 12 years ago

This page seems to be displayed by the script spip/ecrire/exec/articles_tous.php. It contains a loop to fetch all articles information. We have to base our work on this loop then make a script that shows a table of each article status in each language.


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