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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
DoudouLinux CD 04/08/2012 Gérald Kerma Development Bug #455: Missing xorg-video-imx 8:00 Actions
Migration to ARM 01/10/2012 Jean-Michel Philippe Development Task #516: Need a package ddl-icons-diverted 8:00 Actions
DoudouLinux CD 09/08/2011 Gaurav Ashtikar Development Feature #241: A tool to easily change the user name in Empathy task completed 9:00 Actions
Migration to Squeeze 06/12/2012 Jean-Michel Philippe Development Task #125: Collect PO/POT files from Squeeze packages 10:00 Actions
New applications 04/27/2011 Jean-Michel Philippe Audio, music Feature #52: Create a first songbook for songwrite2 Transcripted several children songs and classic music pieces 15:00 Actions
Migration to Squeeze 08/26/2012 Jean-Michel Philippe Development Task #540: Merge PO/TS files from Gondwana to the development version ones 19:00 Actions
Migration to Squeeze 06/04/2012 Jean-Michel Philippe Development Bug #462: Gnome apps cannot show help pages 20:00 Actions
Migration to ARM 04/08/2012 Gérald Kerma Testing Task #507: uBoot splash screen on Efika 24:00 Actions
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